Kurt Angle

During an interview with Mark Madden on his radio show in Pittsburgh, Kurt Angle confirmed he had talks with WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque around six weeks ago about making a return to WWE.

“It was a good conversation. We’re in good spirits, we’re on good terms. Will I return? Yes, I don’t know when.”

Angle did say he has not been contacted about being part of the upcoming brand split in WWE and said he wasn’t expecting anything at this point.

Source: Prowrestling.net


  1. I met him for $20 in TNA, got a picture and items signed for another $10. Good luck getting all that for under $200 next year at WM fanfest.

  2. Screw the surprise entrant. Have him (dressed up face covered so we do not know who) have him randomly attack people during matches and backstage for months…. And after many failed attempts he finally get revealed…..

    Could even have him steal belts for a while, too but make this roster wide. Attacking Raw Smackdown womens division NXT… Just random wrestlers randomly

    I know it sounds boring and done before but if done correctly it would create a great storyline. Everyone would be under suspense of getting attacked, could create odd duos to look out for each other. Could even throw in a bit of a stalker act. Make him a threat!!

  3. wont be involved in draft split? maybe he’s taking a page out of Jericho’s book, say wont be there and just happen to show up

  4. I say save him for the final draft pick. Also, highly interested to see if the crowd still chants “You Suck!” when he comes in. XD

  5. I say with the recent suspension of Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton not back from his lengthy absence, I think he’ll return as part of the draft. Or right before SummerSlam!

  6. He said he’d never go back… and yet here he is… they all come back eventually… or end up working at Wal-Mart, right Shane?

  7. Wow, WWE’s/NXT’s roster is looking more & more like TNA than TNA’s roster is right now.

  8. I met him in TNA on 3 different occasions for autographs & pictures. Was a super nice, classy guy every time. TNA really knows how to treat its fans most of the time without breaking their banks. Too bad they’re run by idiots who are seeing them sink lower & lower.

  9. One wonders on his journey through WWE someone will show him Suplex city? Hmmm…I though the win over the Undertaker was ugly, as in how uncomfortable it was to watch UT look like a frail old man in that match, I would say Lesnar would cripple him, problem is Angle would be the one saying `don’t hold back`.

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