Roman Reigns

WWE has suspended Roman Reigns for 30 days for violating their Talent Wellness policy, his first ever drug test violation.

Reigns remains advertised for the Battleground PPV main event on July 24, a show he would be available to work given that this would only be a 30 day suspension.

WWE issued the following statement on Tuesday afternoon.

“WWE has suspended Joe Anoa`i (Roman Reigns) for 30 days effective immediately for his first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.”

Reigns issued the following statement via Twitter today.


  1. He’ll still be back by the next PPV. So just take drugs when there’s more than 30 days between PPVs and you’ll be ok.

  2. In his defense, we don’t know the substance that violated it. There’s plenty of stories of someone taking something they have a legit case to take (Even a doctor’s script and everything) and it just so happens to be a banned ingredient.

    People who automatically think this was steroids need to chill out until we know more.

  3. First of all, we do not know what happened so jumping to conclusions is premature and stupid.

    Second, whatever happened…he man’ed up and took responsibility. No excuses, no blaming, and no pointing fingers. He deserves credit for that.

    Anyone that acts like they have never made a mistake are hypocrites.

  4. I don’t necessarily think it’s steroids (and never said that in my response), but it was obviously something he knew about, or else he wouldn’t “own it” in his tweet. He would go on the defensive, Adam Rose style….okay, bad example. But my point is that he’s already having a hard enough time getting over, and then he goes and screws himself during the pinnacle of his career to date. Just makes me shake my head.

  5. So now we know why Roman was acting out during the PPV and Raw. And we also know why he suddenly had to drop the belt (can’t have a World Champ suspended for Wellness Policy violation). So, he basically has time till summerslam to gain public sympathy to start his 4th world title reign on a more positive note. Unless VKM has now soured on him and decided RR is really no longer worth the effort. IMO, looking at the booking of the title change at MITB, Dean basically steps in as a placeholder: RR drops the strap to Rollins because someone about to get suspended cannot go over Seth – it would make the VKM look really silly. So RR had to put over the legit Seth Rollins. But then the belt has to be held by a popular face while RR is away; thereby Ambrose having to cash in. That’s why KO didnt win MITB. Because Dean needed to win and cash in on the same night to give the fans a face World Champ for the time that RR is away. On Raw, again WWE couldnt let RR go over Seth because RR was supposed to get suspended; and to have a suspended wrestler back for the next PPV and go over Dean would still look bad. So call a draw and pull the trigger on the much awaited Shield triple threat. My guess is that Seth will put Ambrose over in that match. Seth will then become irrelevant to the world title picture for a bit, while Roman chases Dean to get it back. Then Seth and Roman can resume their originally planned rivalry, because Seth could say RR still had not beaten him to be World Champ.
    …Apologies for the long post.

  6. Well, that can be a lot if things, maybe even just a shot too much. I’m just a litle worried that he’s one of those who can’t handle being hated. In that case, this might get worse.
    Anyway, it’s kinda shitty for the PPV, it’s hard to build up heat when one of the contenders never shows up.

  7. I’m reserving judgement until we find out what he took. Everyone is screaming and demanding the dude’s throat right now (Seriously, just look at Twitter right now). I know a lot of you don’t like him, but how about we find out what it was he failed for before we demand the man’s career be over?

  8. If it ain’t one of their superstars getting injured or dying it’s them getting suspended. 2016 seems to be a grayish year for WWE. One moment they’re all right and the next moment they’re doing terrible. On a side note it’s nice to know that the commenters on Wrestleview are more mature than the ones on YouTube. I don’t care if you like Roman Reigns or not but to treat him like a fate worse than death is just petty and retarded.

  9. good a match just between ambrose and rollins is much better anyhow. so wwe leave it that way, don’t go messing it up and add another person in place of reigns…

  10. no it’s not. anything that can affect you and put others in danger in a risky sport like wrestling should be punished.

  11. I wonder how long WWe knew about this? Were they just waiting till after the PPV to do it? He will be back just before the PPV so he will cost Rollins the win so the can have a nice fued going for the rest of the year! But this IS WWE not do anything interesting!

  12. Next we hear about him beating his wife. Seems to be the cool thing to do now! ie Adam Rose and Jerry Lawler

  13. This is brutal. This guy’s been pushed to the moon and now he’s caught up in all this?

    Might be time to let Ambrose and Rollins feud a bit for the title and then start to weave AJ, Owens, Cena and Wyatt back into the mix.

  14. ha ha so when the fans chanted “you can’t wrestle” they were right… not that you don’t have the ability, but you literally can’t wrestle for 30 days. lol

  15. Check out JR’s interview with Hornswaggle he had a similar case and it was his only falling out with the company as he said the statement scandalised him for something that was not illegal. Much like Adam Rose (other issues aside)

  16. Didn’t know you had access to WWE’S personnel records, but even if they have been scrubbed, it could just be down to how much time has passed. Most companies have a time period after which previous disciplinary action expires, and his suspensions were years ago.

  17. Dumb Ass.. Your *ucking with the story line… Two strikes left
    The new talent is just as dumb as the old talent Its in their blood. A bunch of drug addicts, wife beaters and quite a few murders too.

  18. Why I say that is because WWE didn’t originally have that clause – infractions were forever. It was only funnily enough before a major push with the title that WWE added a time period, with Orton being affected immediately by it.

    Obviously, as you rightly point out, I don’t have access to backstage records etc, but if I were a gambling man I’d say Orton used his influence (as many wrestlers have gone on the record saying he has in the past) to get this pushed through.

    And to be fair to unknown’s original comment, it was rumoured before the amendment was put through that Orton has made further failures of the policy, but that they were swept under the rug.

  19. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right, but I decided a long time ago that you can drive yourself nuts trying to look behind the curtains to try and work these sorts of things out, so I’ll let other people worry about that and just enjoy the show in the meantime.

  20. Reigns’ new catchphrase – “I’m not a Good Guy…. I’m not a Bad Guy….. I’m a HIGH Guy”

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