Clash of Champions is currently listing an upcoming WWE Clash of Champions PPV event for September 25 this year in Indianapolis, Indiana, replacing the previous Night of Champions name that WWE has been using since 2007.

WWE filed several trademarks for the Clash of Champions name in recent weeks according to a report by, taking on the name used by Jim Crockett Promotions and WCW from 1988 through 1997. continues to list the Night of Champions name as part of active PPV events going forward in 2016 and has yet to comment publicly.


  1. i would be excited about that too, and also halloween havoc ppv, or the spin the wheel make the deal type stuff they had, even i remember a ppv cant remember the name where they drew names out of a hat to see partners and stuff, old wcw

  2. I know WWE has rights to the names of the WCW PPVs but at least they were being original with the Night of Champions name. The last time they did their version of a WCW PPV it was The Great American Bash and while it was ok it paled in comparison to WCW’s version.

  3. WWE’s Clash of Champions would just be a watered-down version of the real Clash of the Champions originated by JCP and continued by WCW, just like everything else wrestling-related that Vince has touched since 1982.

  4. And it would just get ruined or butchered beyond recognition by Vince. There probably isn’t a single wrestling idea or concept originated by someone else that Vince hasn’t stolen, tweaked slightly and then claimed as his own and taken credit for.

  5. Sorry Bryan. The Elimination Chamber is probably the closest thing WWE will come to doing WarGames.

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