WWE Pay Per View

Multiple wrestling media sources have now confirmed a schedule making the rounds that detailed the remaining WWE Pay Per View events for 2016 that now factors in the brand extension. This includes the re-introduction of events such as Backlash and No Mercy along with the introduction of new shows such as Clash of Champions.

Here is the updated schedule which was recently confirmed by Sky Italy.

WWE Battleground (July 24, 2016 in Washington, DC – Both)

WWE SummerSlam (August 21 in Brooklyn, NY – Both)

WWE Backlash (September 11 in Richmond, VA – Smackdown)

WWE Clash of Champions (September 25 in Indianapolis, IN – RAW)

WWE No Mercy (October 9 in Sacramento, CA – Smackdown)

WWE Hell in a Cell (October 30 in Boston, MA – RAW)

WWE Survivor Series (November 20 in Toronto, ONT – Both)

WWE TLC (December 4 in Dallas, TX – Smackdown)

WWE Roadblock (December 18 in Pittsburgh, PA – RAW)

Sources: PWInsider.com, The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online


  1. Oct 30 is a PPV, they should call it Halloween Havoc and bring back Spin the Wheel Make the Deal

  2. WWE has used Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal several times on RAW and once on Smackdown. They were known as RAW Roulette and Sin City Smackdown respectively.

  3. It’s good to see Backlash making a comeback, although it was always a RAW event. Oh well, this all might work out well.

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