Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts on Dean Ambrose comparisons

Chris Featherstone passed along an interview with Jake Roberts for FOX Sports discussing his new documentary and comparisons to new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose.

“Kudos to him, or anybody who wins that title. I never won it, which I didn’t get any opportunities for either, that’s the reason I never won it. It is what it is. But, I love being compared to world champions, so go right ahead.”

Lex Luger on if he peaked in WWE

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling passed along an interview with Lex Luger where he was asked if his wrestling career peaked during his time with WWE.

“Well we will never know now will we because I went back to WCW. If anybody is great at recycling or reinventing a character it is Vince McMahon so if I had re-signed with them who knows what would have happened to Lex Luger. I might have got repackaged as something totally different and maybe even become a bigger star than I ever became going back to WCW. I never lacked confidence so who knows and we will never know. I am thrilled with how it worked out going back to WCW. I feel like I had a great 15 year career and got to work main events and main event guys and there are always some periods where you are heavily involved and utilized more than others and sometimes a period or restart button can be great for a career. So who knows?”

Ken Anderson on call up to WWE main roster

Brady Hicks passed along an interview with former WWE and TNA star Ken Anderson talking about getting the call up from OVW to officially be part of the WWE roster.

“I was scheduled to have a dark match with Funaki. He was gonna go over. I was getting ready and Dave Lagana comes by and says I just wanna let you know that we need to change this match. We need a finisher because you’re gonna go over. Second this is a televised match and third… Welcome to SmackDown!”


  1. I’ve heard more comparisons to Bret Hart than Jake Roberts and that Hart was Dean Ambrose’s favorite wrestler growing up. I don’t see that much of a similarity between Ambrose & Roberts myself but maybe that’s just me.
    Except for body slamming Yokozuna, I’d definitely say Lex Luger had a much more memorable career in WCW both pre AND post WWF/E.

  2. I read sometime ago, admittedly I forget where, that Dean Ambrose had drawn some comparisons to Bret Hart with his greasy-haired look and the fact that he was the guy on the Shield who took the worst beating before making the hot tag to Roman Reigns; like Hart used to take the worse beating before making the hot tag to Jim Neidhart while in the Hart Foundation. And like Hart, Ambrose went on to become more over than his brawnier, less-talented tag team partner. Hart himself also said, I think it was on WrestleZone, that Ambrose reminded him of himself with his timing, quickness, & ability to think on his feet. Ambrose was said to be very flattered, according to an article in the now defunct WWE magazine, with the various comparisons because he adored Hart while he was growing up watching wrestling.
    Personally, I agree with Paul Heyman more in comparing Ambrose to Terry Funk & Roddy Piper because he’s crazy like a fox and because of his unorthodox promos & wrestling style. But to Jake Roberts? I just don’t see it at all. I’d like to hear from someone who says so to hear those reasons.

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