Kurt Angle

Former WWE and TNA star Kurt Angle issued the following statement via his official Facebook page late Friday night. Angle appears to be responding to a report by Dave Meltzer that stated he would not be returning to the company (WWE officials reportedly confirmed on Thursday) after a recent radio appearance in Pittsburgh.

We reported on Angle’s comments earlier this week during Mark Madden’s radio show in Pittsburgh where he stated he had a “good conversation” six weeks ago about a possible return to WWE with COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

Angle, 47, opted to not re-sign with TNA and had his final series of matches with the company back in March airing on Pop TV. He has remained active on the independent wrestling scene working select dates.


  1. I’m betting he’ll be one of the big surprises on the big Smackdown show. or possibly Summerslam.

  2. He’s 47, the chances are fairly good that he would injure himself if he wrestles again. His last few years in TNA was injury after injury.

  3. I would imagine he’d be used sparingly in actual matches and his in ring time would be minimized, similar to The Undertakers deal. You could get a few more miles off of him without exposing him to much chance of injury. His days of 5 star matches SHOULD be over considering the amount of damage he’s taken. But he deserves a big send off and the chance to go out a big deal rather than fizzling away.

  4. Only this time no stupid segment that has him getting a leg broken because Big Show chokeslammed him off a balcony?

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