Dean Ambrose

Due to the recent suspension of Roman Reigns last week, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose had to pull double duty appearing at both WWE live events in Jacksonville and Orlando on Sunday night.

Ambrose opened the Jacksonville live event taking part in a triple threat match against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, in what was the advertised main event. WWE then posted a video to Instagram showing Ambrose quickly heading to Orlando where he faced off with Seth Rollins in the main event.

We have full recaps of both live events from Sunday night now posted.


  1. Hey, it’s what a great champion does. Every world champion in every promotion did it back in the day, even Hulk Hogan in the old WWF. Take notes Titan Tower nimrods.

  2. These are the reasons why we had an epic number of injuries last year. WWE either needs to scale back on the house shows or implement some kind of vacation day system that other jobs have to help lessen the wear and tear these guys have to go through and give them a little bit of rest

  3. people who are complaining about this guy being the champion have no understanding of work ethic, and the fact that he obviously loves what he does, and totally appreciates the fans, and can easily relate to them.

  4. I appreciate his work ethic… but as a character he is boring and his promo work is weak.

  5. yeah, he is a “man of the people”, and his work on the mic is average, but i think it gives those challenging him opportunities to shine/break out. when owens gets the belt… look out!

  6. Couldn’t they have just not made it a Triple Threat??? It’s good that he’s doing double duty, which is rare… but seems weird to have him in the match….

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