WWE SummerSlam

During the airing of “Aftermath” on Sportsnet 360 in Canada following Smackdown, it was revealed that Randy Orton will be Brock Lesnar’s opponent at WWE SummerSlam on August 21 live in Brooklyn, New York. Orton has been out of action since November.

WWE did not reveal Orton as Lesnar’s opponent during the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday night in Toledo and instead opted to hold off to make the announcement on TV. With Smackdown airing on Wednesday in Canada, news leaked early.

A formal announcement from WWE will be revealed on Thursday night. WWE continues to advertise Lesnar for SummerSlam regardless of the outcome of UFC 200 this Saturday when he faces Mark Hunt in the main event in Las Vegas.

Pro Wrestling Spotlight on Facebook posted a screenshot of the announcement.


  1. Really? The way it was being hyped I was almost thinking they were digging up Andre. I would have preferred Wyatt, but pleasantly, Wyatt is in a feud that he didn’t start for a change, I might actually care this time instead of yawn…

  2. I was thinking Brock vs Angle @ SummerSlam to bring Kurt Angle back into WWE, would have been interesting to see this match up after all these years!

  3. pray this match lasts more than 15 seconds but i hate that Orton has to face the undisputed king of “squashing” but if this is how they wanna build up his grand return and Orton’s whatever

  4. I hear voices in my head they counsel me they are telling me I can take a bathroom break during this match

  5. I would rather Bray Wyatt NOT get sacrificed to Brock Lesnar right now. He can’t stand another loss and you know he’s not going over on Brock.

  6. Yeah…They need to make him more indestructible, and, my biggest whine, Besides the New day thing, he has started every feud for no reason. The funny thing is, is that he carries on with all this dark scary stuff, attacks, mind games…and the ends are the same ever ytime and for everyone – Does he want his next victim to die? Is that when he will be happy? Does he want them to go crazy? No, the end game is for him to pin them…1,2,3…By the way, something tells me Woods performance will turn out to be a trick that will be revealed at their match, he will, at the last minute snap out of it and cause the Wyatts to lose, then say “haha outsmarted you” I have been wrong about my predictions before…Actually I am about 0 for 50. Never got one right, but I think I am this time.

  7. Well, I guess now we gotta ask the question: Can Randy Orton reverse the F5 into the RKO?

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