WWE SummerSlam

During WWE Smackdown tonight on the USA Network, WWE officially confirmed Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton at SummerSlam on August 21 live in Brooklyn, New York.

We reported last night that news had leaked courtesy of Aftermath TV on Sportsnet 360 during the Smackdown airing in Canada that Orton, who has been out of action since November, would be facing Lesnar at WWE’s biggest event all summer.

Lesnar headlines UFC 200 this Saturday night in the main event against Mark Hunt in a three round heavyweight fight. Regardless of the outcome of his return to mixed martial arts, WWE has moved forward with promoting Lesnar for SummerSlam.


  1. Huh, interesting dynamic for this match up actually. Both Lesnar & Orton became the youngest champion in WWE history at SummerSlam–Lesnar in 2002 at age 25, Orton in 2004 at age 24.
    Did WWE booking actually make this match deliberately with history in mind or was this a happy coincidence for them?

  2. Orton’s winning this. I would imagine putting someone over would be a condition of Lesnar being allowed to fight at UFC200, they need to re-build Orton into a major name for the brand split and this is the quickest way to do it.

  3. I for one actually love this matchup. Lesnar needs someone that would make it believable to put on a good match with him.So who can do that? A former multi-time world champion who is looking to re establish himself in this organization. Orton is a great fit and could actually get a fairly competitive 15 plus minute match out of Lesnar that could showcase more than just suplexes

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