Vince McMahon

Check out a clip from RAW on Monday night with Vince McMahon revealing during the final segment that Shane McMahon will be the Commissioner of Smackdown Live and Stephanie McMahon will be the Commissioner of RAW.

McMahon noted that General Managers need to be announced for both shows and gave both Shane and Stephanie the opportunity to make this announcement next week.

Portion of Mike Tedesco’s WWE RAW recap on 7/11:

“Vince says he’s not finished. He wants the two of them to compete for real. He wants them to compete in terms of ratings and social media metrics. He wants live event attendance and merchandise numbers up. If they compete, one of them might inherit the keys to the kingdom. He doesn’t care if they break the law as long as they don’t get caught. Which one of them is going to prove to him that they should inherit the keys to the kingdom? They both need a General Manager to compete on this level and run the day-to-day things. Next week on RAW, they’ll both name a General Manager each. If they don’t, Vince will name it for them. Vince says, “Let the games begin!” Vince then leaves the ring.”


  1. Here is one of my famous predicitons – I’m 0 for about257…Anyway, no doubt Kurt Angle will be Shane’s guy, it puts him on a lighter schedule, while keeping him visible and relevant. By the time WM comes around, he has turned heel{what a shocker!} and it’s him Vs Shane at WM for the `commissionership` of Smackdown, As for Stephanie…No idea…Anyone else got a guess?

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