SPOILERS: Smackdown taping for 8/21

Drew Wilson sent this report in:

On Smackdown, in a six man tag match Dolph Ziggler and the Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and The Big Show defeat Cryme Time and Rey Mysterio.

Matt Hardy does a backstage interview where he clears the air with him and Jeff saying that the past year has been tough for him being that he is a competive person and that was the driving force in him and Jeff’s feud and admitted that alot of what he did was wrong. He said he has made up with Jeff and The Hardy Boyz are back!

In the next match Finlay defeats Mike Knox via DQ, when Knox continues throwing punches after the ref’s five count.

Next was Jeff Hardy’s promo where tables, ladders, and chairs filled the entrance ramp all the way down into the ring. Jeff sits atop the “super” ladder in the center of the ring just under the world title and talks about Punk and how he is “going to defeat him” on Sunday. Punk comes out and tells Jeff how his addictive ways are setting a wrong example for the fans etc. The promo ends with Punk pushing Jeff off the ladder, Jeff lands on his feet, and gives the Twist of Fate to Punk… Close call here with the “super” ladder as it nearly falls on the two in the middle of the Twist of Fate.

Next match with Michelle McCool doing commentary, Melina and Maria defeat Layla and Natalya. Very little from McCool suprisingly, as in most occasions the person doing commentary usually gets involved somehow, but she minded her business as far as I saw.

In the Main Event, The Hardy’s and John Morrison defeat CM Punk and The Hart Dynasty. In a side note, The Hardy’s came out to their old music.

In the post show main event Jeff Hardy sucessfully defends the World Heavyweight Title against CM Punk in a steel cage via pinfall.

Hope this report helps you out and as always you and the guys at Wrestleview continue keeping up the good work!

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