Bray Wyatt

WWE star Bray Wyatt and TNA star Matt Hardy exchanged words on Twitter this week after a segment aired on WWE RAW on Monday night featuring a brawl between The New Day and The Wyatt Family.

Many wrestling fans were quick to point out the similarity between The New Day/Wyatt Family brawl at the compound and the Final Deletion segment between Matt and Jeff Hardy that aired on last week’s Impact Wrestling on Pop TV.

Matt Hardy tweeted out the following after the segment on RAW aired.

Not long later, Bray Wyatt issued these tweets.

Matt, remaining in character, issued this response to Wyatt.

If you missed the segment that aired on RAW involving a brawl between The New Day and The Wyatt Family at the Wyatt’s compound, you can check it out below courtesy of WWE.


  1. Yes, brawls in and around the house is sooooo new and innovative…. NOT. Attention needy Matt probably forgot about the countless examples before (pillman – stone cold and many others)

  2. Matt Hardy staying in character…This guy is a mark for himself, he has been a douche since he tasted single success with that crappy V1 shit. His sidekicks were more entertaining. As boring as Bray’s feuds can be, at least he is not delusional.

  3. WWE product > TNA product !!!!!
    is just plain simple
    if Wyatt vs New Days is have similarity like The final deletion
    but Wyatt vs New days have better execution … is like to watch an action tv show (wait WWE RAW is a TV show)

  4. Pretty soon there will no longer be matches set in arenas in a ring on TV. It will be this type of crap with music and special effects and piss poor acting. Maybe a couple of comedy bits and a song and dance or two. Vince is set on completely eliminating anything remotely connected to PRO-WRESTLING. Does he not see the most watched programming on the WWE network is older content. And if you like this kind of crap go watch Law and Order or SNL. Watch the ratings sore to an all time low if this continues. Also if WWE has to steal ideas from TNA they might as well hang it up.

  5. HHH and Orton brawling in his house…Stone Cold and Booker T in the supermarket….APA had more than one brawl in a bar….Edge and Cena on the wharf….hell, if you want to, the 1st Nitro ever was in the Mall of America.

  6. I wrote this about the 7/5 Impact:
    “Even Vince in his worst lunacy which gave us things like the Muppets interacting with wrestlers, Undertaker, Kane, & Bray Wyatt controlling the elements, Little People’s Court under the WWE ring, and Hornswaggle running through a painted hole wouldn’t imagine putting something this unhinged (Final Deletion) on WWE TV. Yet”.
    Yet being the operative word. I guess Vince is now finally completely, mentally unhinged. WWE has absolutely copied TNA on several occasions including the utterly horrid Claire Lynch storyline TWO different times so there’s no doubt in my mind they copied Final Deletion too. Bray Wyatt can talk sh*t to Matt Hardy all he wants but it doesn’t make it any less true.
    As for Wyatt saying “I am the single most creative thing this industry has seen this century”. BWAHAHAHAH!! Not only is that not true but at least Matt & Jeff created this whole renewed Hardy brother feud, cartoonish & kooky as it may be, on their own. Wyatt hasn’t created a thing that Vince & the rest of his creative clowns haven’t handed him on a pre-written script.

  7. I don’t know, calling himself “the single most creative thing this industry has seen this century” sounds pretty delusional to me.

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