John Cena

WWE 2K17 collector’s edition announced featuring NXT theme

WWE and 2K Games posted the following video on Thursday announcing the collector’s edition for the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game that will be released on October 11 featuring an NXT theme. The collector’s edition will be priced at $99.

John Cena opening monologue from ESPYs

ESPN posted the following video from last night’s ESPY Awards with WWE star John Cena, who hosted the awards, giving his opening monologue for the show.


  1. WWE 2K17 has an NXT mode? Awesome! If I still played video games I would’ve definitely gotten that.
    Good for Cena too for being chosen to host the ESPYs. He must’ve really worked up some serious cred. with the world of real sports to be chosen for a serious duty like that. Too bad WWE hasn’t put that kind of effort into creating other stars like him this past era.

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