Big Show challenges Shaq to match at WrestleMania

WWE released the following video of Big Show challenging Shaq to a match at WrestleMania 33 next year in Orlando on the red carpet for the ESPY Awards last night.

Triple H on WWE Draft/NXT talent

ESPN.com is featuring an interview with WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque asking if the current NXT roster will be affected by the upcoming WWE Draft.

“With NXT being different, it complements Raw and SmackDown. You have the opportunity to see these guys come in and make a name for themselves on a bigger platform. They can grow themselves while helping to create NXT’s brand. Then, if you’re following NXT, you’re ahead of the curve when they come to Raw and SmackDown. You know everything about them and their backstories. It’s like being a fan of the band before they hit it big. You have that claim to fame. And to our most passionate fan base that’s an exciting vibe that we have. I think that’s why social media is so strong for us — it’s people that want to be ahead of the curve.”

WWE Live at MSG

Kevin Owens has been added to the main event for WWE’s live event in New York City, New York at Madison Square Garden this Saturday. According to TheGarden.com, Owens will take on WWE Champion Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in a triple threat main event.


  1. oh great, Big Show gets to job to another non wrestler on wrestlings biggest stage, first Akebono, then Mayweather now this

  2. Well, Akebono was a sumo wrestler who turned to pro wrestling but your point is very well taken.

  3. It’s entirely possible that at this stage in his career he really isn’t and is willing to just have fun with it, let’s face it, he’s not exactly a go to guy for anything else these days

  4. In fairness, how is Show’s body? Can he put on a decent match still? I genuinely have no idea – but I know that a WM match (even a celebrity non-“wrestling” match) will keep him getting paid. Fair play to him, it’s the fans who pay to watch I feel the most sorry for.

  5. I suppose so but WWE has been doing this to him for quite a while now. As a fan since he was the Giant in WCW, it offends my senses that not only is he frequently jerked around by being a goofball face one month, a bungling heel literally the next month, he’s often the one chosen to put over some outside celebrity. He & Zack Ryder were the patriotic good guys who won their match on the 4th of July Raw just this past week, now he’s being flip-flopped again to a heel picking a fight with Shaq. They’d never think about having Andre do this.

  6. True enough, but that could still be about the willingness of Show to go with it, one of the reasons they wouldn’t have done it to Andre is that Andre was a big deal in more than just his size whereas show hasn’t been for years.
    I wish he wasn’t to be honest, both because I think he deserves better and because I’m sick of WWE not putting faith in their current talent and going to outsiders and retirees come Wrestlemania time.

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