New match added to WWE Battleground card, WWE legal goes after indy events, new WWE Network survey

WWE Battleground

New match added to WWE Battleground card

WWE is now advertising WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks and a partner to be named for WWE Battleground on July 24.

WWE’s legal team sent a series of cease and desist letters to various independent wrestling promotions and convention promoters on Friday morning according to a report by The cease and desist letters are in regards to the use of WWE-owned photographs on advertising material featuring former WWE stars.

WWE Network survey

WWE issued a new survey this week wanting feedback on possible benefits as part of a subscription to the WWE Network. According to a report by, the options included downloads for offline viewing, the ability to buy WWE merchandise before it is provided to the public, the chance to vote for Hall of Fame inductees, discounts for yearly or six month memberships, an ad free version of and more. The survey did mention these benefits would be part of a possible pricing tier increase to $12.99.