Brock Lesnar

WWE star and current No. 8 ranked UFC Heavyweight Brock Lesnar issued the following statement to The Associated Press late Friday night in response to news that UFC had been informed of a potential USADA out-of-competition drug test violation stemming from a sample taken on June 28, a week before his return at UFC 200.

The statement from Lesnar simply reads:

“We will get to the bottom of this.”

As reported on last night, USADA has tested Lesnar for a total of eight times since news went public on June 4 that he would be making his return to MMA at UFC 200. Lesnar, the UFC and USADA all declined to comment or specify the substance that flagged a possible violation of the out-of-competition drug test that went public on Friday. did cover the story about Lesnar and once again provided the same statement that was issued to the wrestling media late Friday night that Lesnar has not performed for the company since WrestleMania 31 in March and would be returning as a performer at SummerSlam on August 21. Lesnar, 39, still remains under contract to WWE.

UFC Heavyweight fighter Mark Hunt, who Lesnar defeated last Saturday at UFC 200, took to Twitter initially wanting half of Lesnar’s estimated $2.5 million purse to fight. Hunt has now changed his mind and says he deserves the entire purse calling Lesnar a cheater.


  1. give the money to charity……….ones a cheat, other 1 is more of a money grabber than an ex wife

  2. i’ll laugh my ass off if it turns out to be pre workout powder
    why let’s read what it does
    helps u have energy when working out & makes it easier on your muscles
    there is another thing it can do
    this non drug powder can make u test positive on drug tests since brock lesner works out alot he might have this non drug pre workout powder in his system when he was getting tested

  3. OUCH. Still, the idea of giving the money to charity isn’t a bad one. I mean, 2.5 million is nothing to sneeze at.

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