Cesaro vents about being drafted to RAW

WWE has posted video of Cesaro venting about being drafted to the RAW brand on Tuesday night and why he would have been happier moving over to Smackdown Live.

WWE stars react to the draft picks

Cathy Kelley has a look at reactions by WWE stars to all of the 2016 WWE Draft picks.

2016 WWE Draft live discussion

If you missed it last night, Wrestleview Live premiered over on our official Facebook page as part of Facebook Live. A podcast version of the show can be heard below.


  1. Wow, did anyone see what I saw in the Cesaro video? This guy, if he found the right balance, could be come one of the best promo guys in wrestling. I would say he probably would be excellent at improving more than having a script. Is this a big Angle? Is this part of a WWE experiment to push a guy at snails pace and see how it affects how over he is when he finally does break through to the top? Is this an ingredient for the ends when he is seen as the ultimate under dog who will be known as the guy who deserved it the most in history? Who knows? – WWE could just be yawning and holding him down….

  2. It’s definitely interedtong clearly a storyline rant but it could be the small push he deserves.

  3. your right if cesaro can make sure he doesn’t . up on the mic everytime he talks than he would be able to catch the brass ring

  4. I know, she has to either imitate or emulate whichever wrestler she is talking about. Through the whole draft I must have told her to F off about 10 times. When she does that she is truly awful.

  5. Well, I dont want to disagree with you, but what about Kalisto the 2-time US champ? He’s okay in the ring (except when he botches moves) and if that interview he gave after the WWE draft was any indication of his mic skills… oh boy.

  6. I don’t really think Kalisto’s US title push counts as a push per se. First off, the US title right now is a joke and has been for years, second all it really got him was pre-show matches.
    To be honest, I think IKILLU was talking more about a sustained, consistent, main event level push for Cesaro, which his in ring ability would certainly warrant if that was the only consideration of such things.

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