Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns suspension from WWE now over

Roman Reigns, who was suspended by WWE for 30 days back on June 21 in his first violation of the company’s Talent Wellness Program, is now officially clear to return. Reigns is scheduled for Sunday’s WWE Battleground triple threat main event against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship.

Booty O’s cereal available to buy

WWE star Big E revealed that New Day’s Booty O’s cereal is now available for pre-order.

WWE second quarter earnings

WWE has announced that the company will report second quarter 2016 results on July 28 (next Thursday) before the opening of the market.


  1. Reward the bum with a title match. Typical Vince…Meanwhile Titus is still in the dog house for something innocent.

  2. Booty O’s. Part of a complete breakfast. Don’t enjoy them too much there, Kofi. Is Big E wearing a Bullet Club Elite shirt? Good for him if he is. I just hope Vince doesn’t realize what it is. He’ll end up in the doghouse unlike his pet boy Roman who’s coming off a drug suspension and right back into the title picture.

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