New Era is featuring an article revealing new official logos for both RAW and Smackdown Live going forward following the 2016 WWE Draft this past week.

WWE was heavy to emphasize this as part of the “New Era” shift in programming that officially kicks off this Monday night following the Battleground PPV.

Both Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan revealed the new logos separately.


  1. Wow. The SmackDown logo is kinda cool, but the new RAW logo is super bland and boring looking. What’s with all these companies changing their logos to some boring, minimalist design. Ugh… Are we just at the point where we can’t come up with good logos anymore?

  2. smackdown live logo looks nice
    raw logo looks alright not awesome it’s kinda like the old school raw logo but remade in HD vibe

  3. “‘New Era’ shift in programming” huh? Yeah we’ve been hearing that for some time now. We’ll see.

  4. SD looks like Impact logo and Foley looks like he took the hair that Goatboy Daniel Bryan cut off his beard

  5. I actually like the Raw one more. It’s simple but kinda big and epic looking like BEN-HUR. SD is … ehhh. I wonder if there will be any meaningful change in this new era or if it will be limited to cosmetics?

  6. I like the refs to keep the zebra colors. Or better still, the pale blue shirts with the black bow ties they used to wear. That’s classic.

  7. on smackdown navy blue & silver stripes

    on raw red & black stripes

    on ppv’s black & white stripes

  8. Here’s a dumb thought, with the new logos, why is Smackdown’s logo the only one with the word “live” in it? I know this is the official start for Smackdown to be seen live on TV but shouldn’t Raw’s logo have that too?

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