WWE SummerSlam

Promo for WWE SummerSlam on August 21

WWE has released a new promo video for SummerSlam on August 21 in Brooklyn.

Jonathan Coachman on critics

Current ESPN personality and former WWE commentator Jonathan Coachman took to Twitter to respond to critics after he defended WWE on ESPN First Take this week regarding a lawsuit being filed against the company by over 50 former talents.

Eva Marie to judge Miss Teen USA

WWE has announced that Eva Marie will be a judge for the 2016 Miss Tean USA competition that begins on July 30 in Las Vegas.


  1. And you spent how many of those years inside the ring Coach? “18 yrs of experience and friendship in and around the biz” of which you had one joke match I can remember. So who are you to judge any of these guys suffering the after-effects of a wrestling career? I’m not saying they’re right necessarily but who the f*ck are you to say they’re wrong? I guess your “friendships” in the wrestling “biz” doesn’t include any of these guys.

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