Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks has a partner for Battleground

WWE star Sasha Banks tweeted out that she has her partner picked for tomorrow night’s WWE Battleground PPV against WWE Women’s Champion and Dana Brooke.

WWE Draft a surprise to talent

IGN is featuring an interview with WWE stars AJ Styles and Becky Lynch. Both talk about how the 2016 WWE Draft announcements were a total surprise to talent.

Stephanie McMahon Q and A

Stephanie McMahon took part in another Facebook Live chat with fans.


  1. everyones assuming its someone in WWE or NXT, what if someone from TNA is out of contract? It’d be cool if Kharma returned, but no idea on contracts

  2. Kharma/Kong is my guess/hope. But like you said, who knows what the contracts are like over there. But, bringing in Kharma would kinda take away from the debut on WWE TV of Nia Jax… unless they are going to form a Women’s Tag Team division and bring them in as the New Natural Disasters.

  3. That would be perfect with the teaming up with Nia Jax and forming their own team thing.

  4. Shocker! Heath Slater returns joining the “ever popular transgender movement lead by Caitlyn Jenner” as, Heather Slater!

  5. There’s a 0% chance it’s Nikki. She’s recently just started retraining to return. We probably won’t see her until next year.

  6. I’m gonna say Velvet Sky – she’s been outta contract for a while and she’s always wanted to be in WWE and I believe is dating Bubba Ray

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