Brock Lesnar

TMZ Sports is reporting that a spokesperson for WWE has informed the website that Brock Lesnar will not be suspended by the company in regards to his two potential USADA drug testing failures for both out-of-competition and in-competition testing.

WWE, in a statement, said the wellness program doesn’t apply to “part-time performers.”

“WWE’s talent wellness program does not apply to part-time performers such as Brock Lesnar.”

The TMZ Sports article notes that Lesnar only performed for WWE in an estimated 19 matches over the last three years including this year and that the wellness program is only designed to keep full-time talent healthy. revealed in a report on Monday that Lesnar’s test results came back positive for the anti-estrogen agent hydroxy-clomiphene, a drug commonly used when getting off a steroid cycle. Mark Hunt has criticized UFC for allowing Lesnar to fight.

As announced on Monday night, Lesnar returns to WWE next week on RAW live from Atlanta in his first appearance since WrestleMania back in April and is scheduled to wrestle Randy Orton at WWE SummerSlam on August 21 in Brooklyn.


  1. So whoever WWE considers “part-time” performers, can get away with failing tests. But when part-time performers headline PPVs, and grace covers of video games, they are too much of a cash cow to fire them.

  2. Why is Vince so high on this guy. Lesnar is an OK wrestler but he is not great. He has no respect for the business and is only there for the money. But to have Lesnar end the streak and pretty much squash everyone he wrestles then not hold him to the same standards as everyone else is ridiculous. Yet they throw Hulk Hogan out with the trash about comments he made almost 10 years ago, not because the WWE or Vince is so offended by what he said but because they thought shareholders would be upset. How do they think shareholders and the general public will react to hearing Lesnar is a steroid user.

  3. Unbelievable! The wellness policy is shit to me then. I’d like to think that even part-time performers were tested. Not only is it a health hazard to them personally, WWE also risks other performers getting injured when facing someone who is on roids like this piece of shit Lesnar. This is another reason why I respect someone like John Cena even more. Man puts in all that time training and he doesn’t take short cuts and he is naturally strong, freakish strength. Brock’s strength is officially shit to me now because all I will think about is that he is on roids. I wish they had a legitimate fight with all the wrestlers beating the shit out of Brock.

  4. wwe probably don’t trust it so there gonna do there own tests plus wwe wouldnt be able to suspend lesnar for his first offence in the compyne if he hasn’t wrestled for them since april

  5. Shareholders won’t care if caring negatively impacts the bottom line and a large portion of the general public will forget all about it if they’re even paying attention now.

  6. While I agree with most of your sentiments 100%, I really don’t want that fight to happen because even the thought of it is giving me Brawl for All flashbacks *shudders*

  7. I don’t think they will care either, but this was the reasoning for releasing Hogan. The general public still sees “wrestling” as a joke and thinks fans still believe it is all real.

  8. The general public these days is more likely to care about and remember racist comments than the use of performance enhancers. Just look at Andy Pettitte and Barry Bonds, both PED users, one whose PED use is all but forgotten, another who gets dragged into every PED conversation going.
    Big difference I can see is that one is a nice guy, the other is an arrogant, selfish ass. Basically, people get remembered for their attitudes more than what they’ve done.

  9. So will it take their part time performers suffering the same fate as Guerrero and Benoit before they start testing them?

  10. That’s not the problem. If that was the excuse given, I might’ve bought that, but that’s not what they said. They specifically said it was because he’s part-time. So it wouldn’t matter when his last match was, they still wouldn’t suspend him.

  11. That’s funny. Didn’t Billy Gun get released for taking steroids when he wasn’t under WWE contract? Was this amendment made to the Wellness Policy recent? Was a statement released?

  12. Hope you are calling Hogan the nice guys because Lesnar sure isn’t. There have been multiple reports of Lesnar being a jerk to fans and that he really wants nothing to do with the rest of the boys.

  13. Actually I wasn’t referring to either of them as nice guys, it was more a reference to the fact that the nature of Hogan’s actions will stick in people’s minds much longer and would have had a bigger impact on the bottom line if not responded to because it demonstrated to the world that he’s capable of being a genuine scumbag.

  14. What Hogan said was wrong and no one should ever make a derogatory remark about anyone just because of the color of their skin, or for any other reason for that matter. But you also need to understand where Hulk Hogan’s head was at and what was going on in his life for that matter. His wife had just walked out on him after years of marriage, She was dating a kid as young as their kids, She wanted all of the money he earned breaking his body. Both of his own kids had stepped away from him at that time. His son was in jail for causing a wreck that left a vet permanently disabled. He was being sued for that. His TV show had just been canceled. He admits that he was drinking a lot and was not himself at this time.Does this make what he said OK? By no means doe it. But I think anyone would do thinks they normally do. He knows it was wrong and has owned it. Everyone deserves a second chance. If it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan there would not be a WWE as we know it today. Hell this web site wouldn’t even be here.

  15. I do understand that, but what I’m saying is that there are a lot of people who don’t care why it was said and will look at all that as things that allowed the real Hogan to be seen. And for the record, much as I understand WWE’s actions in dealing with him, I’m not one of those people.

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