WWE Main Event taping results

The following was taped on Tuesday night in Buffalo, New York.

Dark match:

* Kalisto def. Viktor w/ Konnor.

7/26 WWE Main Event taping results:

* The Hype Bros def. The Vaudevillains.

*  Tyler Breeze def. Jey Uso.

Source: PWInsider.com


  1. That was announced last week after the draft. Superstars features the RAW roster and Main Event features the Smackdown Live roster.

  2. Main event is 30 minutes & superstars is 1 hour right?
    It would make more sense to switch the shows tapings around so the show get closer the amount of time on tapings

  3. Nope. They’re both one hour. Superstars and Main Event also include recaps of RAW and Smackdown Live respectively.

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