WWE posts their Q4 2016 earnings

WWE released their earnings report on Thursday morning for the second quarter of 2016. Some highlights of the report include the following:

* Revenue increased 32% to a record $199 million, which is the highest quarterly revenue in company history.

* WWE Network acheived a record 1.52 million paid subscribers on average, up 25% from Q2 2015.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon commented on the Q2 2016 earnings report with the following:

“I continue to be pleased with the execution of our strategy to optimize the long-term value of our content. Progress on this objective is evidenced by the continued year-over-year growth of WWE Network, the transition of SmackDown to a live format every week and the completion of our first exclusive content agreement in China.”

Source: Corporate.WWE.com


  1. I just don’t get this. WWE programming & content in general (aside from NXT) is the worst it’s been in 2 decades yet they continue to make record profits. Do they really profit THAT much from being a publicly traded company to make up for lack of public interest in their on-air product? Apparently they do. smh

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