Brock Lesnar

WWE RAW is live on Monday night from Atlanta, Georgia.

Scheduled for the show tonight is the return of Brock Lesnar to WWE in his first appearance for the company since WrestleMania 32 back in April.

No other matches or segments have been announced as of early Monday morning. will have live coverage of WWE RAW tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. ET.


  1. Whoopee f*cking doo. Roid Lesnar is back on Raw. Now I’ll make it a point not to watch a single second of it. #WWEHypocrites.

  2. I’m gonna say something, and I know I’m gonna get heat for this, but it needs to be said: If the fans in Atlanta give Lesnar the same kind of reaction he usually gets, frig those fans. Because at that point, they’re saying that when you’re allowed to wrestle part-time, get paid more than full-time guys, are allowed to do whatever you want, fail two tests, suffer no consequences, and outright deny you did anything wrong, that’s good, but when you wrestle full-time, fail a test, take full responsibility, and take the punishment deserving of you, that’s bad. Because, under those circumstances, it’s not Cena nor Cesaro, but THIS is what Superman looks like in the WWE Universe:

  3. No heat from me. I 101% agree with everything you said and so should any true WWE fan. F*ck Roid Lesnar and f*ck Vince for being a 2 faced hypocrite who caters to this asshole’s every demand & then some. The WWE locker room should be up in arms about this and Randy Orton in particular should demand a pre-SummerSlam drug test.

  4. I totally agree with everything you just said. I used to be a big Brock fan- living in MN and watching him from early on before WWE- I was proud of what he had done, and loved to cheer for him. 2 failed tests let me know that I was wrong to think that he did it all naturally. I can’t cheer for him anymore. I suddenly have a ton more respect for Cena and everything he has done, with out cheating. I hope Orton RKO’s him 16 times at Summer Slam- reverse of what they let him do to Cena at a previous Summer Slam. Build up a Beast- a Roided out Beast apparently. and WWE is nothing but a bunch of Hypocrites for letting this slide so to speak. Money is apparently bigger than anything else though- and Vince likes money.

  5. Its crazy the way WWE has been catering to this guy over the last few years. As many have mentioned, he’s part time, has no respect for the business, and doesn’t even have the nicest things to say about the very company that gives him all this special treatment. Not even Hogan got this type of royal treatment. Even with his failure of 2 drug tests (albeit with UFC, but still) the WWE still tries to push it aside, even if its been in a roundabout fashion. They should forget this guy and give the money to the hard working athletes that deserve it, who bust their asses full-time. I really don’t think Brock draws any extra ratings anyhow, he’s been absent since Wrestlemania, and viewership is pretty much the same.

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