Smackdown tag titles

Daniel Bryan hints at new Smackdown tag titles

During the debut of the new “Talking Smackdown” post-show on the WWE Network, Daniel Bryan hinted at new tag team championships for the Smackdown brand.

American Alpha on WWE debut

WWE has an interview up with American Alpha following their Smackdown debut last night.

Kevin Owens talks brand split

The National is featuring an interview with WWE star Kevin Owens talking about the recent WWE Draft and the positives of the current brand split within the company.

“Probably the fact now that some wrestlers won’t face each other for a while is the main thing, and that is good. I think as a fan, and that is one thing I would say I still am because I watch every Raw and everything else still, that makes me excited because I am going to see different guys on different shows and different matches that I haven’t seen before or haven’t necessarily seen in a long time. But then a year or two down the line some people from Raw are going to end up on SmackDown, some people from SmackDown are going to end up on Raw and some people from NXT are going to end up on Raw and SmackDown. Things are going to keep rotating.”