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Bret Hart calls Seth Rollins reckless in the ring

Alfred Konuwa of passed along an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart where he again criticizes Seth Rollins for injuring John Cena during a match in WWE.

“There’s a lot of wrestlers today a) their execution is lousy and they’re not safe. You watch Seth Rollins who they’ve pushed as this huge mega, mega push. I watched him a few months ago, and you can watch it back on YouTube but he knees John Cena in the face. Just knees him in the face so hard, so recklessly, so dangerously, you can easily kill somebody with a knee like that in the face. It’s a testimony to John Cena that a) he finished the match and b) that he didn’t get a shotgun and shoot John Cena when he came through the curtain.”

John Cena promotes SummerSlam on “The Late Show” on CBS

WWE star John Cena talked with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” on CBS this past Wednesday night promoting his SummerSlam match with AJ Styles.


  1. I wonder if Bret think he never hurt anyone accidentally in the ring ever its almost like he actually believes he is the “excellence of execution”

  2. Why is Bret turning into the old man who sits on his front porch and yells at children for just walking by his house. Wrestling in Bret’s generation (both the classic era and the attitude era) was quite different than today. It’s much higher impact, much faster and to keep people watching they need to do more than an armbar takedown and a five-minute headlock or a test of strength in the middle of the ring. I loved Bret back in his day, but now, him shitting on the stars of today, not a way to keep your legacy going. Is he hoping for a Tyson Kidd push?

  3. Sounds like there’s alot of stuffs Bret cannot get over.
    It was an accident… just as what happened to Owen… accident

  4. Seth did injure Sting as well. Sting was in his mid-50’s mind you, but throwing a mid-50’s guy into the turnbuckle like Seth did at Night of Champions was reckless. That said, it may have not been his call as the agents/producers may have illustrated the moves and Sting may have approved, but still I find that reckless too.

  5. Because he never did hurt anyone in the ring any more than the usual bumps wrestlers usually inflict on each other. No one has ever been seriously, or probably even moderately, injured in a Bret Hart match because he is the Excellence of Execution.

  6. “It’s a testimony to John Cena that a) he finished the match and b) that he didn’t get a shotgun and shoot John Cena when he came through the curtain.”
    Is this a typo or what he actually said? You mean get a shotgun and shoot Rollins when he came through the curtain. Colloquially speaking of course.

  7. Plus they did take the Curb Stomp away from him. Maybe it wasn’t just WWE being overly cautious to an annoying degree. Apparently they really did have a good reason for it.

  8. I don’t remember very many armbar takedowns or 5 minute headlocks or overly drawn-out tests of strength during the Attitude Era. It was as fast & high impact as anything today and then some.

  9. You think it was an accident, but I am not so sure! The event Owen died at was called OVER THE EDGE! But I guess thats just another “coincidence”…. watch the Undertaker’s promo before the show starts… it’s very fortelling!

  10. Speaking of Kidd, I wonder where this sort of comment from Bret was when Samoa Joe hurt Kidd’s neck with a muscle buster to the point where we still don’t know if Kidd will ever wrestle again? Could it be that it wasn’t a big deal enough for Bret to be able to make his point on a big enough stage given it was a dark match?

  11. But it did have many, many memorable ones. Maybe not great in terms of technical wrestling, but great in other ways.

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