Ryan Reeves (Ryback) revealed in a video posted to his official Instagram account on Friday that he is no longer under contract with WWE effective this week.

Ryback confirmed a contract dispute with WWE back in May following an appearance at Extreme Rules where he requested to be removed from WWE television. He continued to provide updates ever since and it didn’t appear both sides would agree on a new deal.

His general displeasure with WWE and his current position with the company became public back in April when he told Myles Galloway in an interview that his last three WrestleMania appearances “not been great” and was upset about being part of the Kickoff show in Dallas.

Ryback appeared on the fourth season of “Tough Enough” that was part of Smackdown and later was signed to a developmental deal with WWE working in Deep South Wrestling. He would later emerge in Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling until he was brought up in 2010 as part of the first season of WWE NXT on Syfy. After a run with the Nexus group, he would officially re-debut under the Ryback name in 2012 which included a high profile feud with CM Punk that year for the WWE Championship. Ryback had a run as Intercontinental Champion in 2015 and his last high profile feud was with Kalisto over the United States Championship in 2016.

You can check out his entire video message below.

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  1. Gawd what a dipstick…hope he does not end up anywhere else…no disrespect to his fans….never did anything in my world.

  2. I’m just grateful I don’t have to hear him refer to himself as ‘the big guy’ anymore. You call your kids, your neighbor or uncle ‘big guy’, sounds kinda gay when you keep calling yourself that.

  3. At least ROH is smart enough to know he isn’t worth bringing in. If he actually wants to do something big, he should go to Japan and fill in the spots left by Gallows and Anderson. I don’t like the guy, but Japan would be his best bet for an actual career making run.

  4. When he called himself “big trap” it made it easier to think of him more as “the biguy” than the “bigguy”. I mean, does Roidback know what a “trap” is? ‘Cause he’s not that convincing.

  5. Just imagine Monsters ball in 2017 being Lashley vs Ryback vs Moose vs Galloway vs EC3…or maybe even a King of the mountain match with that bunch. But those guys in a “Monsters ball” match for the title would be insane.

  6. I’d love for him to come to TNA but I can totally see him going to Japan, he definitely would fit with the strong/bruiser style. He would probably be huge over there.

  7. I never heard him say that, but then again I forwarded through almost every word he spoke after a couple of times, but I am not sure what context `big trap` means from your perspective.

  8. Hope he goes to TNA and destroys everyone, cause that’s how he should have been used in WWE. You can’t blame the guy for being pissed towards the end of his WWE run. At wrestlemania they had him lose to Kalisto of all people, a guy that’s half his size. I kept shaking my head at how stupid and unrealistic that match was, cause in a real fight Ryback would annihilate him in 2 minutes. This guy was feuding with Cena and CM Punk at one point. It would be awesome to see him feud with Lashley in TNA, cause that company has no one right now.

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