Conor McGregor

Current UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor made headlines on Friday when he referred to WWE talent as “messed up p*ssies” during a conference call with media to promote his upcoming fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 202.

The very outspoken UFC star then took another shot at WWE talent on Sunday morning saying his comments were not made to disrespect WWE fans, but directed instead at WWE talent saying he would “slap the head off” off the roster and “twice on Sunday’s.”

WWE star Roman Reigns was the first to issue a response on Sunday. Since McGregor’s tweet went public, numerous WWE stars took to Twitter to respond to his tweet including a host of former WWE talent such as Kurt Angle, MVP and Drew Galloway.

You can check out some of the tweets below.


  1. Oh, man… Some of these are gold. Ziggler’s and Galloway’s, Sheamus’, and MVP’s stand out in particular.

  2. I’ll be truly surprised if this doesn’t turn into something interesting. Conor is already a great heel and he’s not even in the business.

  3. what if this is all a work? this would be one hell of a work by whoever did this. maybe it’s the ufc and wwe playin all of us…

  4. I’d totally mark out if after McGregor taps out, the lights go out and we hear The Undertaker’s bell. Lightning strikes and The Undertaker picks him up by the throat puts him in a bodybag and walks out of the arena.

  5. Ladies Ladies PLEASE! Some of those challenges are humorous considering that I don’t think Connor would be that much of a pushover. anyway as I said, We don’t need another CM Punk in wrestling, one was enough and luckily, the white sheets worked.

  6. Yow! Sounds like they’re all lining up. Better know your role & shut your mouth Mcgregor. Your challenge has a lot of takers.

  7. Connor McGregor just dug his own grave! Also,Ric Flair shouldn’t talk about copying someone’s style since his nickname Nature Boy was a ripoff of The Nature Boy Buddy Rogers.

  8. Yeah but Flair never talked sh*t about Rogers. They actually had a great deal of mutual respect for each other.

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