Joey Styles

Update on Joey Styles departure from WWE

To follow up on our earlier report today regarding Joseph “Joey Styles” Bonsignore parting ways with WWE in his role as Vice President of Digital Media, numerous wrestling media sources are noting a Facebook Live Q and A session Styles recently did with Cathy Kelley that was later removed offline where Styles was outspoken about a number of topics, joking that his answers could be the reason he gets fired by the company. Video of that Q and A was uploaded to Vimeo courtesy of @NHJosh. is reporting that Bonsignore owns the rights to the “Joey Styles” name should he remain involved with wrestling.

Match announced for RAW tonight

WWE has announced Cesaro vs. Sheamus in a rematch from last week on RAW tonight.

Lesnar and Orton build up

WWE has uploaded a series of interview clips with Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar hyping up their match at SummerSlam. More will air on tonight’s RAW.


  1. If Joey Styles really got fired over that, that’s pretty sad. He really didn’t say anything that crazy.

  2. I guess WWE talent and employees should demand whenever they’re asked for an interview to have the questions given to them in advance of the interview. Then they need to get their responses approved BEFORE they give them to the interviewer.

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