Marcus Buff Bagwell

Former WCW star Marcus Bagwell (Buff Bagwell) filed a lawsuit on August 9 against WWE in the United States District Court of Connecticut claiming he is owed royalties from the usage of material featuring his likeness in content featured on the WWE Network.

Bagwell claims he was under contract to WWE from 1991 to 2001 “by virtue” of his contracts with WCW rolling over when WWE purchased all rights regarding the company in March of 2011 according to a report by

He noted that he is contract with WCW expired four days after WWE’s purchase of the company. Bagwell signed a deal with WWE in June of 2001 and was later released in August after a lackluster debut on RAW in a match with Booker T. Bagwell is arguing that WWE is bound by his June 2001 contract agreement in regards to payment in the form of royalties for PPV events and home video material.

Former WWE star Rene Dupree filed a similar lawsuit against WWE earlier this year in April that was thrown out after a signed contract back in 2011 “destroys his ability to bring these types of claims.” Bagwell signed a similar contract upon his release from the company in August 2001, although Bagwell claims WWE breached the agreement by not paying him royalties in the first place. He has requested a trial by jury.

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt issued the following statement to PWInsider.

“Since the first purported class action case was brought on behalf of Billy Jack Haynes almost two years ago, this pack of class action lawyers have filed by my count 14 different complaints or amended complaints. All of them have been full of patently false allegations, and none of them have gone anywhere. They haven’t got a penny, and the judge is in the process of deciding whether to throw other ones out.  Bagwell’s lawsuit is much the same. It is based on clearly false facts, and would embarrass a first year law student because of the ignorance of basic contract law principles.   Bagwell was never promised a penny by anybody for the use of WCW archival footage. Not by Turner and not by WWE, and he knows it. Like I did before with [Rene] Dupree’s bad faith lawsuit, I will be demanding they withdraw this latest suit next week. If they don’t, we will move to dismiss, ask for sanctions, and seek to recover counsel fees from Bagwell.”


  1. I’ve had the Network for over a year now, and I’ve watched a lot of old and strange stuff, but never once have I ever used the search “BUFF”, “BAGWELL” or “THE STUFF”. It just won’t ever happen.

  2. Although it’s a minor wording difference what a lot of these wrestlers seem to not realize is as said above their royalties are owned when shown on ppv or home video. The wwe network is not home video by definition. It is an on demand network. Therefore that contract is not valid in this situation. And you can’t say the additional contract you signed saying you wouldn’t sue isn’t valid just because you believe the first contract wasn’t honoured. Even if you’re orig contract was not honoured if you sign a new contract saying you won’t sue you can’t then sue for the first contract. Period.

  3. Too much messing around, I’ll wait for the 3 disc DVD they release on him, probably be after he goes in to the HOF…

  4. Was under contract to WWE from 1991 to 2001 “by virtue” of his contracts with WCW rolling over when WWE purchased the company? I’m all for suing the E when it’s warranted but even I’m not buying that one.

  5. im so sick of hearing about stupid lawsuits at this point the judge should banned the lawyer from suing the wwe since every case he’s had has failed this is just a waste time

  6. Just because a judge threw out some cases doesn’t make their claims “false”. It just means you’re a bunch of crooked sharks who will use up talents and then shit all over them when you can’t squeeze any more blood out of them.

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