Ryan Ryback Reeves

Ryan “Ryback” Reeves asking price for independent bookings

Former WWE star Ryan Reeves (Ryback) is currently taking independent bookings and will be using the ring name The Big Guy. Reeves is charging $4,500 for appearances in the United States, while others are being charged $5,000 according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He’s also said to be in talks with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Update on WWE canceling SummerSlam concert

As reported on Friday, the scheduled WWE SummerSlam concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn has been canceled. The concert, which was scheduled for August 18, was canceled due to poor advanced ticket sales according to The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online. The concert was to be a fundraiser for Connor’s Cure.


  1. Spending some time in NJPW could be good for him. I’ve always felt the guy has a lot of potential, but there are definitely places where he could improve.

  2. This is what most former WWE talent coming off TV charge (AJ Styles was more than that coming off TNA) and obviously the booker’s see it as feasible – Hogan would be many times that in his prime. At that rate he has to work over 100 dates to match his WWE salary and when you factor travel in that’s a lot of road days. Seems legit!

  3. As a promoter you would have to sell at least 600 tickets to pay him and his trans and hotel. Not to mention the other guys on the card that should be paid. Any Indy show he is on that normally draws 150 fans would most likely draw an extra 50 to 100 fans because of him with a grand total of 250 paid attendance. So ya if you are into losing thousands of dollars, go ahead and book him. The longer he is off TV, that fee will drop substantially to well under $1000 within a year.

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