Conor McGregor

Current UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor went off on another tirade about WWE talent and John Cena specifically during a media day in Las Vegas to hype his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202 on August 20.

McGregor made headlines last Friday when he referred to WWE talent as “messed up p*ssies” when asked by a media member if he had any interest in getting involved with WWE or pro wrestling either now or after his MMA career ends.

Current and former WWE stars then issued tweets responding to McGregor that same weekend when McGregor again took to Twitter after receiving backlash from his initial comments, saying he would “slap the head off your entire roster.”

During media day in Las Vegas, McGregor took it upon himself to respond to the current and former WWE stars that sent tweets his way in response to his comments. McGregor then took it upon himself to take shots at John Cena, who never addressed McGregor.

“What’s the main guy? John Cena? He’s 40 years of age walking around in a luminous orange t-shirt and headband talking about no one can see him. You can see him right there — he’s a big fat 40 year old failed Mr. Olympian. Do you know what I mean? They’re dweebs those guys.”

McGregor also addressed a tweet by WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair who said McGregor “built a career copying my persona” and expected more class. He also didn’t hold back in further responding to the slew of tweets he got back from current WWE stars.

“Ric Flair’s a legend but as far as gimmicks, this is the real thing over here. I think these WWE guys, they’re not right in the head some of them. I mean the new guys are dweebs, let’s be honest, absolute dweebs but the old school guys are legends. Ric Flair is a legend. The McMahons of course — Dons. But I just say it as it is — they’re dweebs.”

Damon Martin of FOX Sports has more comments from McGregor at the media day.

You can view video of McGregor’s comments below courtesy of


  1. Well, Conor, if Cena is a failure and a dweeb, why are you trying to ride his coattails to relevancy?

  2. It is very easy to talk a big game when you dont have to physically back it up. If we are going by what we last saw, we last saw Mcgregor get choked out and more or less back out of a fight. I look at this at nothing more than McGregor tryig to draw attention to himself by latching onto a bigger product in the WWE

  3. “he referred to WWE talent as “messed up p*ssies” ”
    would love to see him discuss that one with Brock.

  4. Yeah, I’ll be shocked if it isn’t. Waiting for McGregor to show up at Summerslam at this point. Just a variation on the ol “trash the local sports team” cheap heat.

  5. What is McGregor, about 5ft 9 or something ? That’s pretty small to be calling guys a lot bigger dweebs. But I often find that people with major insecurities will use anything about anyone to make themselves feel better about themselves. Especcially as he knows he will get his ass handed to him again in his rematch..

  6. You bar fight for a living like a bunch of ‘roided up frat ‘tards, have the audacity to call it “martial arts” and then…. no wait. You just slammed Cena. I’ll give you a free pass.

  7. I’ve been worked. Well played WWE. I should have figured it out when Mr. McGregor kissed up to the McMahons.

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