Footage of fan running into the ring live on WWE RAW

Footage has hit YouTube of the fan running into the ring during the 8/15 WWE RAW in Corpus Christi as Seth Rollins was cutting a promo on live TV. TMZ.com is reporting that the fan, 23-year-old Edward Ferrero, was arrested for assault and criminal trespass.


CM Punk on Conor McGregor trolling WWE talent

Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 is featuring an interview with former WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks promoting his MMA debut at UFC 203 in September. Punk was asked about his thoughts on UFC star Conor McGregor trolling WWE talent in recent weeks.

“I think the thing that shocked me the most about what Conor said was the number of people who work there (WWE) who responded to him who should know better. They got worked. I mean, come on. Ric Flair? Come on. Just stop. Just knock it off.”


  1. Cole is an idiot, we all knew a fan had jumped in the ring, and thus knew Seth wasn’t in a trance.

  2. Maybe because WWE isn’t interested in giving publicity to the idiot that jumped the barricade. You see this all the time when people run on to sports fields, the cameras look anywhere else and commentators acknowledge the presence of them as little as possible.

  3. That’s some good work there WWE security. Letting some sh*thead jump the guardrail, strut along the outside of the ring, then saunter up to Seth until he was within stabbing distance before finally springing into action about 5 seconds later. Maybe WWE security should be charged the price of a ringside ticket being that’s all they were doing.

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