Eva Marie

WWE just announced moments ago that Eva Marie (Natalie Coyle) has been suspended for 30 days effective immediately for her first violation of the company’s wellness policy.

As a result of her suspension, Marie will no longer be available to appear at SummerSlam on Sunday. She had been advertised for a six woman tag team match in Brooklyn.

Marie was recently brought back to WWE television as part of the Smackdown Live brand and was involved with a storyline that saw her find ways of getting out of wrestling.

You can read WWE’s official statement below.

“WWE has suspended Natalie Coyle (Eva Marie) for 30 days effective immediately for her first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.”


  1. WHAT?! You have got to be kidding me! I’m not mad that Eva Marie is suspended (in fact I’m happy) but what the hell is wrong with these people?!

  2. is this like the new cool thing to do now is to get suspended at least once for testing positive for PED’s. lol

  3. You should never be happy when bad things happen to other people, even when as in this case. they bring it on themselves. How would you feel if someone made that comment about you? That said, it won’t be a huge loss. That entrance theme of hers has got to go. I’d rather TL Hopper’s flushing toilet or the Right to Censor’s buzzer than her theme song.

  4. From Concord California,

    Comes the most stylish, elegant, bewitching, eternally beguiling,
    continuously charismatic and fantastically fascinating women to appear in this, or any other arena.

    All red everything herself, EVA MARIE …. has been suspended due to drugs and will be unable to compete.

    Eva Marie apologizes.

  5. All she did was get suspended. You act as if I said I’m glad she’s injured or worse. I don’t hate her that badly but a suspension means that she’ll stop working for a while (that’s what I meant in that comment). To answer your other question yes I’d be sad if someone commented something like that towards me but not enough to cry about it.

  6. Yes it would, except for the fact that she would have to be on the heel team to keep the sides even, as there is no time for a heel turn.

  7. Hmmm irony has drugged her up and her debut has been delayed once again….

    Carry on, children. Nothing exciting here…

  8. Easily can be done. Before the match have one face woman turn on them and join heel them then have Bayley come out and help face team.

    As for who turns, that’s a good question

  9. They need to start a softcore porn studio and start recouping their losses on her. She’s in X-Pac/Mideon level now.

  10. Hope for permanent returned woman such as Beth, Melina, Victoria or Kharma to be Natalya and Alexa’s partner

  11. Two young women getting popped back to back. Could be quite a career hit for both with the current women’s roster and with Bayley waiting in the wings.

  12. The difference is Paige has the talent and the background to eventually recover from this, though it will take time, Eva Marie on the other hand may not, especially if her husband keeps spouting off on social media.

  13. LOL! It wouldn’t be keeping up with their PG image but then again it is supposedly a “New Era” for them.

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