Brock Lesnar responds to comments by UFC star Conor McGregor: “I take sh*ts bigger than that kid”

Brock Lesnar

Sam Roberts of SiriusXM satellite radio spoke with WWE stars Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman at the WWE 2K17 SummerSlam event on Friday night.

During the brief interview, Roberts asked Lesnar what he thought about facing UFC star Conor McGregor inside a WWE ring if he had an opportunity.

If you recall, McGregor addressed Lesnar specifically a few weeks ago saying “fair play” to him fighting in the UFC, but that he was ” juiced up to the f*cking eye balls.”

Lesnar gave a quite candid response.

“Man, I take sh*ts bigger than that kid. Come on, guys. I know you guys all play fu*king video games and you live in this fu*cking false sense of reality and sh*t. I’m 200 and fu*cking 90 pounds. This guy is 145 pounds, if he’s lucky and gets up to eat his fu*cking Wheatie’s, okay?”

McGregor headlines UFC 202 tonight in Las Vegas against Nate Diaz.

You can view the full clip below.

Warning: strong language and not safe for work.