One of the most prominent things heard at WWE creative meetings from Vince McMahon is his overall frustration with the product as of late and complaining about the company’s inability to create new stars. Probably the biggest criticism the company is getting now is pushing their TV harder than PPV events in the last year or so.

One WWE source added, “Vince and his current crop of generals are so inside a bubble that they cannot even define what is logical anymore. Vince has put considerable distance between his brilliance as a promoter and matchmaker and his current path, which I can best describe as disjointed booking and promoting that even he second guesses. That’s never good. The difference between Vince and others is that he’s falling for the trap of buying into the sh*t that a lot of the wrong generals are shoveling his way. Guys like Brian Gewirtz are horrendously bad for business. Hayes is solid and consistent but he’s paranoid as sh*t nowadays and also is long gone in terms of having an understanding of cultural shifts.”

Source: The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

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