WWE stars show up at Texas pep rally

Adrian Telas sent this in:

Whats up wrestling world, just wanted to pass on some News. I am a teacher at Montwood High School the BEST High School in El Paso Texas. Every year we host a HUGE Pep Rally to kick off the school year called Light Up the Night. Last night we had a surprise guest in attendance. Out came out to a HUGE ovation was Vickie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero and WWE Divas Champ Mickie James. As they were leaving the building, a teacher and I were able to take a picture with them as they left the building. It was a great experience for the students and staff of Montwood High School to have therse 3 superstars come talk to us. Thanks WWE and don’t forget about the town in the southwest known as El Paso, home of the GUERREROS!

Thanks Adam and the staff of Wrestleview…keep up the good work

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