Finn Balor

During the opening segment of WWE RAW tonight in Brooklyn, the newly crowned and first ever WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor was forced to relinquish his title after suffering a dislocated shoulder and a torn labrum at last night’s SummerSlam PPV.

Michael Cole revealed shortly before Balor came to the ring that he woke up in pain on Monday morning and underwent an MRI. The MRI revealed that Balor will need to undergo surgery and will be out of action for at least six months as a result.

Here is an excerpt from our 8/22 WWE RAW results on Monday night.

Balor grabs a mic as the crowd in Brooklyn starts a loud “YOU DESERVE IT” chant. “This championship represents a lifetime of sacrifice,” said Balor. “And it also represents that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve absolutely anything.” Balor talks about achieving the impossible by becoming the WWE Universal Champion at SummerSlam. He adds a sacrifice was made in doing so. Balor wants to thank the WWE Universe, the talent in the back and Seth Rollins “for giving me the match of my life.” He said he most importantly wants to thank all of the fans. A loud “THANK YOU FINN” chant breaks out. Balor said it is him who should be thanking the fans. “But for now, I have to relinquish this title.” The crowd starts up a loud “NO” chant at Balor. He said he is coming back for this title when he is healthy and ready to go. Mick Foley walks over and removes the Universal Championship off his shoulder. Foley gives Balor a hug and raises his arm in the air.

Mick Foley announced that a series of matches will take place tonight and will culminate next week on RAW to crown a new WWE Universal Champion.


  1. what a shame!
    i think he hit pretty hard against the barricade and was favoring his shoulder for quite a while after that.
    Hope to see him back soon

  2. It’s such a shame, But I have to hand it to Finn for having a Humble Attitude and being appreciative of all the fans who supported him.

    Hope to see him back soon. I have huge respect for the guy now.

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