Dudley Boyz farewell

Update on The Dudley Boyz farewell on Monday night

The segment on WWE RAW last night featuring The Dudley Boyz farewell was described as being legitimate. According to a report by PWInsider.com, Bubba Ray and D-Von had at one point agreed to terms on a new deal with WWE and then at some point over the last week, both sides decided to part ways. The Dudley’s reportedly received a backstage standing ovation from WWE management and talent when they returned to the backstage area.

What happened after RAW in Brooklyn

Wrestleview.com’s own Mike Tedesco was at RAW last night in Brooklyn and sent word that John Cena and WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins and AJ Styles in a post-show bonus match after RAW went off the air.


  1. It’s litterally A DARK MATCH. Because when these venues were booked as the whole roster so to fulfill promises so when you say “didn’t last long” you’ve clearly not read EVERY dark match since the draft as cena has appeared on all of them. Clap clap

  2. thanks for the applause but u should save it for the next mistake WWE makes because they don’t think long term

  3. Holy s*** you’re not clever. because cena doing a few dark matches before not being advertised on raw it’s a mistake. Man some people really do whine about anything

  4. These guys are way past prime. How many standing ovations are they going to get? I remember when TNA did this years ago, had a big tribute, then Bully Ray came back, won the title and left again. These guys are good entertainers, but they are far down the list if best tag teams in my opinion. In ECW and early WWE maybe so, but in the last 10 years or so, just indifferent.

  5. Only thing truly left for the Dudley’s to do to solidify their legacy is win the ROH tag titles

  6. If you took just the last 10 years of their careers, as you stated, they would still be HoF-worthy in that time period as a team. Add in the rest of their careers and they will go down as probably one of, if not the, top tag team of all time.

  7. Top team of all time? So just by longevity, they should be No. 1? So no Bulldogs, Rockers, Hart Foundation, Demolition, Powers Of Pain, Twin Towers, LOD, Money Inc., Young Bucks, Beer Money, AJ Styles/Daniels, and I’m not even counting any AWA or NWA tag teams from the eighties. So they are the best out of all of those? Wow, ok.

  8. Alright kids, don’t make me turn this car around. Cena working dark matches does not mean the brand split has failed, it just means they need to find better ways of sending the crowd home happy lol

  9. a 10th reign as tag champs would have been nice, but really anything they do is icing on an amazing career cake

  10. Yeah he got them super high ratings as that character and set off a new Monday night wars..oh wait

  11. Good to see they went out on their own terms. As vastly overrated as I think the Dudleys are, they’re still seasoned vets and a very successful tag team. Hopefully, they don’t wear their bodies out with multiple attempted comebacks.

  12. I took it that what Brad meant by top tag team was number of title reigns (they are the most title rich team) and not necessarily best. He didn’t say best anywhere so that was just my take (he can confirm on his side). Personally, I’m not a fan of The Dudleys and wasn’t even in their early years but if Brad is saying top team meaning most successful title related team, you can’t actually argue that. Best team is of course subjective to everyone’s opinion. Personally, for my money, LOD was the best team, and I loved the 80’s feuds between The Bulldogs and The Harts and there are oh so many teams I personally feel are miles ahead of The Dudleys but I can’t argue their success, and just in case he doesn’t come back to comment just thought I’d share that this may be the perspective.

  13. Could be, but he also said they should go in the HOF because of the last 10 years. The last 10 years, in my opinion were below average. If anything they should go in because of 1995-2005.

  14. Cena wasn’t the only one working that dark match… AJ and Ambrose were both there, too…. please don’t make everything about Cena.

  15. They were just going to use them as jobbers from now on anyway instead as honored veterans. Happy trails Bubba/Bully Ray & DVon. Next stop, WWE HOF.

  16. 8x ECW champions–the REAL ECW.
    9x WWF/E champions.
    1x WCW champions–if you count that (personally I don’t)
    1x NWA champions
    1x time TNA champions
    2x IWGP champions
    Even if you don’t count the WCW reign, or their individual titles, that’s still 21 tag team titles spanning 2 decades and 5 major brands with title wins over several big name teams. Add to that, Pro Wrestling Illustrated noted that as an unbreakable achievement up there with Bruno Sammartino’s nearly 8 year long 1st WWWF title reign, Moolah’s 28+ year long Women’s title reign, and the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak. So YEAH, that makes them one of, if not the greatest, tag team of all time.
    Powers of Pain? Twin Towers? Why not compare them to Power & Glory or the Headbangers or Show Miz?

  17. So you just rate on number of titles won and mic skills? Granted ONLY Bubba Ray had the mic skills, which were pretty much unmatched, I’ll give you that. But their wrestling skills as a tag team wouldn’t even be in my top 10. So I suppose if you’re only judging the “greatest” by number of titles coupled with one member being able to talk, I would agree. Can I assume that you are a big fan of Enzo/Big Cass, New Age Outlaws, and other teams that have average wrestling but one guy is great on the mic? Maybe it’s just how I judge wrestling, but if someone asked me for tag team matches to watch, I would say Rockers vs. Brain Busters from ’89, Sabu/Van Dam vs. Shinzaki/Hayabusa from ’98, Harts vs. Bulldogs from ’87, LOD vs. Demolition, and maybe some of the recent matches in ROH and NXT. But the Dudleys I wouldn’t watch for wrestling per say, just for crowd pops and catchphrases.

  18. I agree, kind of what I am getting jumped on for saying below. They are automatically the “best” because they won the title 21 times?

  19. Mic skills? Did I say anything about mic skills? They’re one of, possibly the greatest, because they’re 21x champions spanning 2 decades & 5 major wrestling brands with even PWI acknowledging that achievement as one of the greatest in wrestling history. And if you want to talk tag team matches to watch, any one of the Dudleys’ 3 way WWF/E title matches with the Hardys and Edge & Christian were all spectacular. In fact, the tag title matches involving those 3 teams at Wrestlemanias 16 & 17 were voted Matches of the Year. Even the matches where the Dudleys fought only the Hardys or Edge & Christian were all great.

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