Bill Goldberg on his involvement with WWE 2K17, working with The Rock, thoughts on UFC’s Conor McGregor

Bill Goldberg

Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes passed along this interview with former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg discussing his involvement with WWE 2K17, if he would ever be interested in getting back in the ring, working with The Rock and thoughts on recent comments from UFC star Conor McGregor regarding WWE talent.

On being in WWE 2K17:

“On October 11th, you’ll get to see me and Brock Lesnar go at it one more time and I’m sure he’ll be trying to get that loss back from WrestleMania XX. The reality is when this game comes out, you’ll get to see me in the ring against new guys or guys like The Undertaker who you never saw me get in the ring with. As a father, a 49 year old, an old timer, it’s an honor to be in the game. It also makes me a great dad since it’s pretty cool for a ten year old”

Would he step back in the ring?

“I do muay thai five days a week and wrestling pales in comparison to getting kicked in the face and thrown around like that five days a week. I’m a little lighter than I used to be but trust me, I can still bring the pain….Brock.”

Does he have fond memories of his match with The Rock back in 2003?

“Yeah definitely. I wish he would’ve let me do a bit more physical stuff or let me to a bit more to him but at the end of the day, you gotta keep your face pretty if you’re gonna be the Hollywood guy so I completely understand that but looking back on it, the fact that they would put me in the ring with him, first, that’s a huge honor so if I look back at some of the things I did back then, I sit in awe that I was in that position and they let it happen.”

Views on Conor McGregor’s comments on pro wrestlers in WWE:

“First and foremost he’s trying to get some publicity. All I can say, is when I was in the business back in the day, if he had said that, there were a number of guys leaving him in a pool of blood because some of the guys that I tangled with, guys who taught me what I know, were not guys to mess around with and I personally believe there’s some guys around now who could do it but they’ve just chosen professional wrestling to be their endeavour. Just because they’re not doing it, doesn’t mean they couldn’t be good at it.”

You can check out the full interview with Goldberg below.