WWE RAW Preview

WWE RAW is live tonight from Houston, Texas.

Scheduled for the show tonight is a Fatal 4-Way Match to determine the new WWE Universal Champion that was vacated last week by Finn Balor.

The match will feature Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and Big Cass, who all won qualifying matches last week on RAW to get into the match.

Wrestleview.com will have live coverage of RAW tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET.


  1. I wanna see Big Cass win it. Make it a surprise. Don’t give it to Seth or Roman…. Either Big Cass or Owens

  2. i think the likely outcome is rollins or owens, but since we have no idea what the ideas for storylines are going forward, it’s totally up for grabs. big cass winning would be awesome, for sure, but i don’t know where they would go with him having the belt, and the same can be said for reigns winning. hell, the night could end with there being no champion. letting this ride out until crowning a new champion at the next ppv is highly likely as well.

  3. I’d actually like to see Owens come away with it. If the ‘E was planning to hand a younger, fresher face in the main event scene the first real run with this belt and let him go with it for awhile, Owens would be the most fitting choice.

    That being said, we’re likely getting Rollins or Reigns.

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