Kevin Owens

Moments ago on tonight’s 8/29 WWE RAW, Triple H made his return to WWE television attacking both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. This setup a pinfall by Kevin Owens on Rollins to become the new WWE Universal Champion in a Fatal 4 Way elimination match.

Big Cass had been eliminated earlier in the match by Owens. Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon remained at ringside during the main event only to be surprised by a returning Triple H, who gave Reigns a Pedigree and then a surprise Pedigree to Rollins.

You can see a clip below courtesy of WWE of the finish to RAW on Monday night.


  1. As long as Seth Rollins didn’t win the WWE Universal Championship I didn’t care who won. As far as HHH him Pedigreeing Seth Rollins was awesome. For first time in three years HHH did something I liked.

  2. Anyone else think this was a last minute switch? It seemed Hunter spoke to Owens when he helped him in and the look on Owens’ face was a little bit of shock. Hunter also spoke to Seth at one point. Maybe it’s a stretch, but Owens’ reaction to winning really did seem legit shock. I think maybe they decided to change up the end and not just have Hunter end Reigns’ chance, but also Rollins. Maybe others didn’t see it that way, but it really looked like a swerve called in the ring to me.

  3. Kevin Owens winning was what I wanted… but… I wish his first ‘world/universal-level’ title win wasn’t via someone else helping him win. not the end of the world, but is KO now the top bad guy or is it HHH, so to speak?

  4. I was thinking that too, but when I went back to watch it again, I really think it was a call at the side of the ring by Hunter to put them belt on him. Either that or all the surprise and shock even on Owens’ face was the best acting I have ever seen. Watching it a few times it really looked like Hunter pulled a legit switch in the ring and called for Owens to take it with no one else knowing.

  5. uh… you do realize that the outcomes are scripted/predetermined, and everyone involved knows what’s going to happen, yes?

  6. Uh, you do realize that they do change the outcome of matches on the fly at times and Hunter has been known to call an audible changing things up? I know, you must be much smarter than me, and you probably know much more about the wrestling business than I do, me being a simple person who thinks it’s real and all, but look at the match. It’s possible. I didn’t say I’m 100% right, but you must be. I bow down to your knowledge of everything wrestling and will never comment again as long as we both live.

  7. Actually, my name is Mat and I call it like I see it BD. Sorry for not seeing the world and everything in it as cookie cutter, black and white like you do. Now, back under your bridge, troll.

  8. yes, i realize that happens, but it only happens in very special/circumstances (legitimate injury being at the top of that short list), but what happened last night was obviously scripted.

  9. not a troll, i’m a legitimate wresting fan, and have been since i was 8. if you were a knowledgable fan, you would have understood what i meant by “mark”.

  10. he has been a face, to the fans, for quite some time now, despite their attempts to have the crowds hate him. now, he can stop trying to be hated, and accept the fact that he’s liked.

  11. I’ve been a wrestling fan for over 30 years now, and was in attendance at WM3. If you meant it as “someone who really gets into wrestling and suspends reality to enjoy it instead of just viewing it as a scripted, always predetermined show”, then yes, that’s me. I have more useless wrestling knowledge than most, and things like what I saw last night, even if it was the plan all along, looked 100% legit to me. Owens sold me like a shifty used-car salesman and that was just the way I viewed it. It wasn’t out of ignorance to the product, it was the way I saw it on multiple viewings. I know it’s most likely not the case, but a) it would be damn cool if it did go down that way to get the reality of the shock on camera from all parties, b) it would give a less scripted feel to a lot of the same-old story lines we see again and again, and c) it would actually bring a little kick to the rest of the locker room to step it up as even they may not know what’s coming until the last second, thus forcing them to step up their game and not just call it in like many seem to do. I’m no armchair booker, but that kind of thing could really energize the lockerroom, which in turn would give new life to the product and new excitement to the fans, like us, who have been loyal and watching for years.

  12. yes, i too have been a fan for over 30 years, but unlike you, i never suspend my disbelief (well, not since i was an early teen). once i figured out it was all a work, i was able to just sit back and enjoy it for the spectacle it is. that’s cool if you “mark out”, and pay no attention to the “man behind the curtain” at times, but i still enjoy professional wrestling, regardless of the fact that i’m never not aware that it’s all done with a sly wink and nod.

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