Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio (Jose Alberto Rodriguez) has been removed from all upcoming WWE live events and is not expected to be returning to the company after his 30 day suspension concludes in September according to new reports on Tuesday.

A report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online states that Del Rio and WWE have already come to terms on a release making him a free agent immediately and allowing him to work dates in Mexico. He would be able to work in the U.S. within a few weeks. Attempts to reach out to WWE for comment were not returned as of Wednesday morning.

WWE announced the 30 day suspension of Del Rio back on August 17 (effective the following day). Del Rio was let go by WWE back in August of 2014 after a backstage incident with a WWE staff member in what they cited as “unprofessional conduct.” After returning to Mexico and working a series of independent dates in the United States, Del Rio returned to WWE last October at the Hell in a Cell PPV defeating John Cena to become the new WWE United States Champion. He was paired with Zeb Colter in a storyline that only lasted a few weeks. Del Rio was then paired with Sheamus, Rusev and Wade Barrett to form The League of Nations group. That angle was also later dropped by WWE. Del Rio was drafted to Smackdown Live during the 2016 WWE Draft and main evented the August 16 episode against John Cena. His 30 day suspension for violating the company’s wellness policy, his first violation, was announced the next day.


  1. Meh.
    Hopefully they replace him with a new talent. There are some who would deserve to be in the main shows.

  2. He came back defeating Johm Cena and he leaves once again losing to John Cena. Truth be told his second run with the company was a letdown compared to his first one. His paring with Zebb Colter was just as bad as his feud with his former manager Ricardo. Overall,his second run had potential but in the end it was just a great big letdown.

  3. He should have never come back, now no doubt he has soured his relations with AAA, being that he walked out on them while still being their world champ. He better hope Japan or TNA are interested. But with his asking price I’m sure Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes would be better fits, plus his attitude is a lil questionable if you ask me.

  4. Aaaaannnd… that’s the end of that. *shrugs*

    Well… Goodbye WWE, hello again Lucha Underground.

  5. Concerning AAA, Del Rio wanted to return to drop its Mega Championship in a match but WWE wouldn’t let him, so WWE deserves the blame for that, not Del Rio. He could return to Ring of Honor (where he appeared before) once he’s free and clear to wrestle in other American promotions again.

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