Daniel Bryan

WWE star and Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan joined Jonathan Coachman on the latest “Off The Top Rope” segment on ESPN this week to discuss the much talked about promo between Bryan and The Miz on last week’s Talking Smack.

Bryan claimed he knew “very little” about what and how much The Miz was going to say to him during the segment that aired live on the WWE Network last week.

“I just knew that Miz was going to come up. We were just going to banter back and forth. But Miz and I have known each other for a long time and we really know how to get like, at each others nerves. Right? So I brought up the idea that he wrestled like a coward and he knows I don’t like the way he wrestles. Right? I just don’t like it. It’s not my thing. And I called him out on that and then he called me out on something that is very personal to me. He talked about when I was dealing with my concussion stuff and I was trying to come back. I would do interviews like this and say yes, I am coming back. For sure I am coming back. And he called me out on that and I didn’t come back.”

Bryan noted that his wife (Brie Bella) keeps him in check on the idea of quitting WWE and wrestling again on the independent scene. He said The Miz was able to hit a nerve and revealed at times he feels like a coward for not quitting and just going for it.

Bryan joked that he wanted to punch Miz in the face and thought he might have been able to get away with it with fans wondering if it was a real punch or a “WWE punch.” He also believes WWE plans to keep them apart since they are aware of how intense it can get.

You can check out the full interview below courtesy of ESPN.


  1. You called the man cowardly, and dissed his wrestling style…but then were surprised when he fired back and touched personal issues of yours? Really? lol

  2. Frankly, Brie is right to keep him from quitting and going back to wrestle on the independent scene. I’m sorry, but if Daniel went back to wrestling in his current state, that could wind up killing him, and then who would provide for his family?

  3. YET. You know it’s probably on their minds for some point in the future. I know it’d be on mine. And anyway, what makes you so sure she’s set for life should the worst occur? And even if she were, and they weren’t gonna have kids, there’s still the very real case of wrestling again might literally kill him someday. Worse, it could turn him into another Benoit, and I’ve already been through that once, and I never wanna go through it again!

  4. I do believe they have both gone on record as saying they want to raise a family. I am almost certain he mentioned it during his retirement promo in Seattle.

  5. Gotta hand it to Bryan. He manages to blur the lines between script and reality very well. I mean, this interview was clearly just as set up by creative as his “firing” back in 2010, but you wouldn’t know either one by the way he carries himself.

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