Matthew Brosseau sent this report in:

Smackdown Results:

The show opened with CM Punk coming to the ring cutting another promo on Jeff. When CM Punk mentioned that because of last week, Jeff wouldn’t be at the arena tonight, he was interrupted by Teddy Long who informed Punk that Hardy was in FACT at Rexall. Then Jeff came out slowly and to much cheering. The promo continued with nothing noteworthy.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Finlay. About halfway into the match, Mike Knox came out and stood at the side of the ring. After the victory, he went to attack Finlay with the sheliegeh but Finlay dodged that attack but only to be attacked with the ring steps.

A backstage promo aired with Layla, Maria, and Melina.
CM Punk beat Morrison afterwards. This was easy the match of the night. Probably the best of the week. Crowd was heating hard for Punk.

Melina took on Layla and defeated her. After the match, Layla stumbled to the announce table and kind of looked really odd. Security swarmed the area in the seats around. She had to walk back with the ref.

A promo with Ranjin Singh being terrorized by Kane aired next.

Cryme Time came out and gave a promo about the match at Summerslam. In the middle of this, another Y2J chant started. It threw them off.

Big Show then came to the ring with Jericho to take on JTG. Jericho was the guest commentator.

Big Show was victorious over JTG.

Big Show attacked after the match after help from Jericho.
Another Singh promo aired with Khali trying to save him, but Kane attacked him.

The Main Event:

Hardy took on the Hart Dynasty in a 2 on 1 handicap match. He came out to a huge pop and was weakly doing his usualy poses and entrance stuff.

Crowd popped HUGE for Hart Dynasty, almost has hard as Calgary the night before.

Hart Dynasty got a clean victory, then Punk came down and started to attack Hardy. Morrison then ran to the ring to attack Punk and got hit with a chair by CM. (I forget, but Dynasty was involved too) and then Matt Hardy came and attacked Punk.

Jeff was in a corner, and Matt reached his hand out to pull Jeff up, after much urging, Jeff took his brothers hand. And Morrison/Jeff/Matt stood in the ring staring at Punk and Dynasty to end the broadcast.

Dark Match:

Jeff stayed in the ring as they set up the steel cage. CM Punk lost in about 4 mins to Hardy after a Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton. Jeff then partied with the fans. He took a Canadian flag from a fan, stood on top of the announce table, and started posing with it.

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