Scheduled NXT events in Canada canceled

To follow up on our earlier report regarding WWE announcing a new NXT TakeOver special for November 19 in Toronto the night before Survivor Series, the originally scheduled NXT live events in Toronto on September 22, St. Catharines on September 23 and Kitchener on September 24 have now been canceled according to WWE.

ESPN reporter apologizes

Amin Elhassan, a reporter for ESPN, issued the following tweet on Friday afternoon apologizing to new WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and his family after a joke he made in “poor taste” was tweeted out earlier this week. Elhassan had responded to a video of Owens’ son being happy about his father winning the title on Monday night. You can view his apology and original tweet below.

American Alpha interview

Michael Cole has a new interview up with American Alpha talking about the Smackdown Tag Team Championship Tournament and the tag team vision on Smackdown Live.


  1. You bastard, Elhassan! IT WAS REAL TO HIM DAMN IT!!!! Why don’t you tweet there’s no Santa Claus either, you jerk! >:O

  2. Give me a break, he had to apologize for saying something was fake that everyone already knows is fake. ESPN is supposed to cover legitimate sports, associating with wrestling just seems odd, now they have to pretend its real, ESPN isn’t allowed to break kayfabe either? That just makes them look unprofessional…

  3. People we’re getting fired up because KO’s son is Autistic and he defended the tweet for days, making fun of everyone who commented and I guess (didn’t see it) one of his tweets said he was making fun of the child and not wrestling be scripted!

  4. Because, as another person stated here, Owens’ son is autistic and it was a dick move to keep making fun on the kid after he posted it.

  5. We all know the intent behind his tweet, but that doesn’t excuse using an autistic childs pure joy at their dads success to do it, the ends don’t justify the means and the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  6. What’s most amusing about this is that right when it happened, Michelle Beadle (a longtime wrestling fanatic) warned him that he just kicked the hornet’s nest and was in for some trouble. And he proceeded to go on with his defense of the comment.

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