Chris sent this report in:

I just got back from the Smackdown taping in Edmonton. It was a good show.

Started off with the ECW taping. Matt Stryker and Josh Mathews come out together to a bit of a reaction. The first match was Shelton Benjamin vs Zack Ryder. Winner: Shelton Benjamin. Decent pop for Benjamin.

Vladimir Koslov vs a jobber. The crowd was chanting “You can’t wrestle” at Koslov. Koslov wins. After the match Ezekiel Jackson comes down and slams the jobber. Koslov then does the same before leaving Jackson in the ring with the unconscious jobber.

The Bella Twins come out to introduce the next match. Yoshi Tatsu vs Paul Birchhil with Katie Lea. Good pop for Tatsu with a “Yoshi Yoshi” chant during the match. Winner Yoshi Tatsu due to DQ when Katie Lea interfered.

Tyler Recs vs a jobber winner Tyler Recs.

Abraham Washington comes out to boos from the crowd. He made a joke about not feeling comfortable in a place where our favourite sport is a bunch of white guys hitting a black puck with sticks. Christian comes out to a big pop.

The final match for ECW, Tommy Dreamer vs William Regal. Dreamer gets a decent pop with some ECW chants. Winner William Regal

A SuperStars match is next. Goldust vs Sheamus. Big pop for Goldust and one of the best matches of the night. Winner Goldust.

It’s time for Smackdown and Jim Ross comes out to a good reaction. Todd Grisham got booed.

Smackdown starts with CM Punk coming to the ring to do a promo. The crowd was back and forth all night with Punk. Sometimes cheering other times booing.

Punk says we are weak willed and fall prey to alcoholism and drug abuse. Talks about Jeff Hardy not being fit to compete after last week. Teddy Long interrupts to inform Punk he will compete tonight against John Morrison.

First match Finlay vs Dolph Ziggler. Mike Knox comes out during the match distracting Finlay. Eventually hitting Finlay with the Shilaely (I know that’s spelled wrong) After the match Knox beats on Finlay, slamming him on the stairs. Knox got on the mic but I couldn’t make out what he said.

Teddy Long is shown on the Tron, he gets a call from Mr. McMahon. Vince tells him Jeff Hardy will have a match tonight. A two on one handicap match against The Hart Dynasty.

A video clip comes on the Tron of Ranjin Singh chained up in a boiler room. Kane is holding the camera telling him to say he has been treated fairly during his capture. Kane bullies Singh a bit.

Malina vs Layla. The crowd was not in to this match at all. Chanting “Lets Go Oilers” at one point. Winner Malina.

CM Punk vs John Morrison. Both wrestlers get big positive responses from the crowd. This was a great match. Winner CM Punk.

More Kane and Singh in the Boiler room. Singh confesses that The Great Kahli is his brother.

Cryme Tyme comes out to cut a promo on Big Show and Jericho. First the crowd cheered them then switched to a “Y2J” chant. Big Show comes out to his music, not the new remix. I don’t think Jericho was even announced by Chimmel even though he was with Show. This was probably to keep the cheering to a minimum.

JTG vs Big Show. Chris Jericho sits at the commentary table for the match. After a while he gets up and throws Chad in to the ring post to a big pop from the crowd. Winner of the match Big Show. After ward Chad attacks Show from behind, knocking him out of the ring. Show and Y2J leave.

Another boiler room clip. The Great Kahli comes in to save Singh and Kane attacks him with a pipe.

Jeff Hardy vs D.H Smith and Tyson Kidd.
Hardy was over big here but pop of the night goes to The Hart Dynasty. Pretty good match. CM Punk came out after the Harts had worn down Hardy even more than he already was. Winners The Hart Dynasty. After the match Punk beats on Hardy and gets a chair. Before major damage can be done to Jeff Matt Hardy comes running out and attacks…. CM Punk. The Harts jump on Matt and John Morrison comes out to help Matt. The Harts and CM Punk run off and Matt helps Jeff get up. Matt and Jeff Hardy are left in the ring with John Morrison, CM Punk and the Hart Dynasty are at the top of the ramp. Can you say six man tag next week?

That was the end of Smackdown. There was a dark match main event. CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy for the World Heaveyweight title. The cage got a pop as it was brought out and set up with Jeff Hardy still in the ring. CM Punk comes back out. The match starts with Punk trying to climb the cage quickly and Hardy pulling him off. Then Jeff tried the same thing. The match ended with a Swanton Bomb by Hardy off the turnbuckle, not the top of the cage. It was only about a five minute match but it was something. Winner Jeff Hardy.

After ward Hardy grabbed a sign from a fan (not sure what it said) he ripped it up and threw it down on CM Punk who remained lying in the ring for about ten minutes while Jeff posed for the crowd. Jeff grabbed a Canadian flag from a fan and stood on the announce table with it draped across his shoulders. He gave the flag back to the fan and left. Tony Chimmel then announced that CM Punk was still the number one contender as Punk, still lying in the ring slowly raised his arm in the air. Funny stuff.

Biggest pops of the night
The Hart Dynasty
Jeff Hardy
CM Punk and John Morrison about equal

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