Luke Harper

Update on Luke Harper injury

Luke Harper, who has been out of action since March with an ACL injury, is scheduled to attend the WWE Performance Center this week to test out his knee and possibly get cleared to make a return to the ring according to a report by PWInsider. Harper was not drafted to either RAW or Smackdown Live during the recent 2016 WWE Draft.

Bo Dallas and his status with WWE

Bo Dallas is scheduled to attend this Monday’s 9/5 WWE RAW taping in Kansas City and the upcoming WWE overseas tour of the Philippines and China according to a report by PWInsider. Dallas was arrested and charged with public intoxication last week when he was boarding a flight for a short WWE tour of Mexico.

Former WWE star launches website was sent word that former WWE star Adam Rose, now going under the name Aldo Rose, has launched a new website.


  1. Aldo Rose?! Sounds dumb. I would have gone with ATOM Rose. Sounds exactly the same as his old name, and WWE can’t do shit about it.

  2. that’s what i’m thinking. I remember learning about that in high school. we had a generic law class, which went over general legal issues in the criminal and civil areas. issues like this were covered, which mention how a copyright holder can bring a lawsuit if someone else uses a name, image, etc. if it’s felt that there are too many similarities.

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