Matthew Brosseau sent this report in:

The “WE WANT BRET” chants started after Sgt. Slaughter played Bret’s music. There was a few Bret signs in the crowd, but nobody chanted until then.
The crowd was VERY split, but I guess that’s expected in Canada. Major pops for Jericho, Gail Kim, Show, and for some reason HBK hitting the Sweet Chin Music on the little kid. Grisham really got a ton of heat when he came out to announce Superstars.

After the telecast was off air (which was not very clear, I only knew because I noticed Cole/King not commentating), Orton stood at the beginning of the ramp as Cena gave a speech about sportsmanship and the wrestling heritage of Calgary (and mentioning the Bret chants) and asked Orton for one night to put everything aside and to come down to the ring and shake his hand. After a while, Orton went back in the ring and shook Cena’s hand and then attacked him. He had Cena down and went for a punt which he missed and Cena countered it into a Attitude Adjustment. Cena left the ring to much cheering and exited. Orton then left the ring and once reaching the top of the ramp, stuck his hand up and did the old Orton pose (which got a huge reception) and then it ended.

Lilian got a ton of cheers. Alot of people yelled at her and she waved to everyone. There was one “Thank you Lilian” sign and when she saw it she blew them a kiss and mouthed “Thank You” back to them. She stopped to take pictures with people who asked after the match.

Sgt. Slaughter didn’t impress anyone, the crowd just basically booed him the ENTIRE time.

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